Meet your Consultants

Jenn Mecham 

I have successfully programmed and trained athletes of all levels, ages and abilities. I help my clients practice mental override on a daily basis through building strength and have the resources and knowledge to take any athlete or novice as far as they want to go. 

Conditioning: Increasing your General Physical Performance is appropriate for every goal, body and lifestyle. Let me show you the most efficient ways to utilize conditioning in your programming. 

Trail: Combines Conditioning, the importance of breath and a connection to nature that is unmatched in creating a positive start to your day, community and connection to the world around you. 

Running Programming: Drop your mile time substantially or build distance with our customized trail or road program.


Jeff Miller

I am a former competitive powerlifter, as well as a strength coach to people of all walks of life’s and disciplines. From powerlifters to athletes, from busy executives to people just looking to become a little healthier and a bit stronger. I help people understand their personal power not only in the gym, but within themselves. With best competition lifts of a 1003 squat, 805 deadlift, and 540 pound benchpress I understand what it takes to get to the top level of a sport, and as a business executive understand what is needed to be successful in whatever your chosen path. A healthy mind and a healthy body are important for optimal performance, and they go hand in hand.

Everything I do is personalized.. no cookie cutter “programs” or “diet plans”. Everyone is different...different goals, different motivations, different “whys” and everyone should be looked at as an individual. The focus is technique and becoming the best version of you. The technical aspect of lifting is frequently misunderstood and this can lead to injury and non-optimal results. Learning from some of the best and competing at the highest levels of powerlifting has allowed me a unique perspective, knowledge base and overall philosophy of training. I have a nutrition certification with “Precision Nutrition” as well as a “Westside Barbell Personal Trainer” certification. As Louie Simmons said, there’s minimal, there’s maximal, and there’s optimal. We will find the optimal way of training for anyone who decides to join us.


Nicole Hope  


Specialties: Working with people through mindfulness and fitness to help them achieve goals and create a happy, fulfilling life. Trained group-ex instructor (AFAA certified), Trained Mindfulness Life Coach (Udemy), Trained Intuitive Guide (Intuitive Way) In process: Emotional Intelligence training with Goleman EI

Mindset: The most important things we can do throughout life are to experience all we can anddevelop our self-awareness. Fostering a curiosity for learning and a fearlessness for trying new things allows us to grow and learn about ourselves both mentally and physically.

Trail: Nature has the capacity to heal us in ways we rarely consider. By utilizing the outdoors for training we can learn to better connect with ourselves so we can focus more and train harder. It also serves as a retreat for the mind to quiet, reflect and reset.

Movement: Our bodies were made to move. Finding ways to enjoy that movement and stay in shape is essential. Variety is often the key to sticking with fitness. That’s why I use nature as my playground and do as many different outdoor activities as possible, including rock-climbing, mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding and simply wandering.

Adventure: Most activities in life can be an adventure. The most important elements of any adventure is your mind set, your creativity and your company (and that even includes solo time).

Kelly Schwartz (AKA Sheba) - 


Tactical: Need to decrease your ruck time; prepare for a military fitness test; or increase your ability to shoot, move, and communicate? Tactical athletes require a baseline level of power, strength, and endurance to prepare for unknown stresses at any time. With over twelve years of experience in the Army, I have the skills you need to tailor specific training to your tactical athlete goals. 

Weight Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, experience working with large groups using a variety of weight training methods, various ages, and fitness levels. There is no limit or hurdle that we can't overcome together. 
Conditioning-Using efficient methods to increase overall Work Capacity and Performance, tailored to all levels of fitness. Challenge yourself with effective Conditioning methods to improve your daily activities-- including but not limited to: posture, low back health, cardiovascular endurance, functional strength, and more. 
Trail: Combine your love for outdoors with practical uses of conditioning. The trail is where I began to fall in love with fitness, and my hope is to pass this on to others. Join for an opportunity to connect with breathwork and start your day with your intention. 
Paige Haberman - 

Powerlifting coach, specializing in female powerlifting and beginner powerlifting. 

Personal history: I began powerlifting in college in 2014 after a chance encounter with a female powerlifter at my college gym lead to me joining the powerlifting team at the University of Iowa. Since my introduction into the sport, I have competed in a total of 6 sanctioned meets across several different federations (including SPF, UPA, APF, and USPA), earning my elite classified total in April of 2018. I am familiar with all federation rules and regulations for competition, with personal experience competing across several federations, and organizing, working, and even acting as meet director of several sanctioned meets in the states of Iowa and Hawaii. From a green beginner, I grew to hold the office of vice president and subsequently two-time president of the powerlifting team at the University of Iowa (my undergraduate and graduate alma mater), where I coached beginner and advanced powerlifters alike, many of whom went on to compete and earn master and elite totals themselves. I have trained with elite and pro elite athletes in Iowa, Hawaii, and California, and learned from some of the biggest names in the sport. 

Training: My primary training method is Conjugate (as developed by Westside Barbell), with some experience in beginner programs such as 5x5, Wendler's 5,3,1, and linear periodization. Traditionally a raw powerlifter, I have trained and/or competed in all categories (raw, raw with sleeves, raw with wraps, single ply, multiply, etc,) and all styles (Conventional/sumo, heels up/down, etc.) of powerlifting.  In addition to powerlifting, experience includes strength conditioning and minimal strongman training. Training may also be focused toward health/fitness and empowerment, if not for competition. Training will be specialized to your specific goals, not mine. 

Community: The greatest part of powerlifting is the community. Beyond the confines of our gym is an entire community ready to support you and help you grow as a member of the sport. I am a big believer that involvement in the greater powerlifting community is the fastest, and most meaningful, way to get strong and feel connected to the sport of powerlifting. Unbound and I will provide opportunities to reach out to the powerlifting community here in California and beyond so that everyone who wants to experience this ever-growing family will be able to. 

Powerlifting is for everyone. And I am ready to coach anyone who wants to grow in this beautiful sport with me.

Personal Trainers - 
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Kelly Schwartz and Jeff Miller available for Personal Training