We create a personalized program custom for you

to create the foundational strength you need

for a bigger life and physical freedom to crush goals

in and out of our Headquarters Gym in Lafayette, Ca.



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"Unbound Training Co. creates an inclusive, supportive training environment while improving the physical and mental health of our members and community through goal setting, achievement, strength training, conditioning, outreach, and adventure."

Our mission is to sustainably improve the physical health of our members and community through a complete approach to strength and wellness.

We believe that growth and empowerment come from within and utilizing a philosophy of tribal holism we create an environment where individuals can grow at a comfortable pace, supported by a diverse group of people with a commitment to self betterment and living a bigger and more connected life.

Unbound Training Company

Are you preparing your body to be ready for anything?

Are you doing things that excite you? 

It's time to RISE UP to the ADVENTURE that calls you and live a BIGGER LIFE.

We take all of the guess work out of Goal setting, Programming, Training, Nutrition and if you'd like... Adventure. 

Simplify. Expand. Transform. 

This is your life.

Gain the freedom to be UNSTOPPABLE.

What our tribe has to say...

Ana Hernandez

Jenn is amazing and incredibly knowledgeable. She's kind and caring but will kick your butt and challenge you to reach your goals. She's passionate about what she does and that shows in her work. If you want to feel like home and be part of a family, I highly recommend you let her train you. I've trained with her for about a year now and have done things I never thought I could do.

John Fahmy

I always wanted to be fit, but made every excuse including "I don't have the genetics" or tomorrow I will start. Fast forward to 2/2020, right before the world as we knew it was about to change, I met Jenn.

That changed my life and thought process forever. I expressed to her every excuse and fear I had. I didn't fall off during SIP, it was the opposite, Jenn stayed on us all and we were on zoom daily crushing PR's. Almost a year in, I have a body I am proud of, I rock climbed and repelled to help get over my fear of heights (wasn't scared with the tribe!) and pushed to limits I never thought I could achieve. The level of confidence mentally and physically Unbound brings to my life is absolutely priceless.

Will Hinkson

For years I trained other people, got a grip full of certifications, and generally used myself as a fitness & performance guinea pig while I was competing and growing my business. There is literally only 1 person I’ve found that I trust more than me with my training and nutrition. If you’re looking for a solid training, nutrition, and coaching program to live like a wild, free, savage hit up Jenn Mecham at Unbound Training Co!

Every goal. Every life. You don't have to do it alone.

Discipline equals Freedom.

We are more than a Gym (though our new location is top notch!).

Members of our Tribe thrive with Personalized Online Programming, Coaching (in person or online) and Nutrition guidance for one, all inclusive price of $350 per month.

Our coaching is not one dimensional!

We understand how to optimize your time to create the change you're looking for.

We understand that life is dynamic so your programming and coaching should be too.

For one price, our program travels with your life and you benefit from:

*Online Programming delivered to your mobile device with realtime access to your coach.

*Daily Zoom or in person coaching at our Headquarters Gym in Lafayette, Ca.

*Online and APP based Nutrition guidance.

*Personalized Coaching

*Goal Setting, Mental Override practice and Adventure Planning

Some adventures our Tribe has enjoyed this year include:

-Rock Climbing


-Navigation courses





-Powerlifting Competitions

-Strongman Competitions

So much more!!