Sports Basement Outdoors: Point Reyes cycling weekend!

Sports Basement Outdoors: Point Reyes cycling weekend!

 What an amazing weekend adventure! SBO really has this whole weekend program nailed down from start to finish. We began the journey by collecting our gear and our cycling mindsets in the SF Presidio Sports Basement parking lot. Well organized reception, bike management and sign ins made it easy to get excited and recognize as a participant that you were in skilled hands. After introducing themselves the guides, 3 of which were riders and 2 drivers for SAG and gear, shared their experience and some smart cycling tips. Then off we rode, headed towards the Golden Gate bridge and a weekend of fun. 


This cycling experience was designed to meet the needs of the many so it has many rest stops along the way. There are 2 routes to select from both days, a longer more challenging route and one that is shorter, flatter and thus less arduous. No matter what route you decide you will not be disappointed as all roads lead to amazing views and enjoyable riding. I selected the shorter routes both days as I preferred some no pressure riding and just a relaxing and enjoyable spin. 

As we made our way North you could tell that each rest stop was carefully thought out. Most included sporty snacks and access to water. They all included valuable cycling instruction in regards to proper postures, when to break on tricky down hills and even how to park your bike safely (and super pro-like) so that it doesn’t fall when you walk away. I have been riding for over 20 years and I still learned a lot on this tour. 

The trip includes meals and believe me all of your needs, especially unique eating restrictions are met. SBO takes their meal services very seriously and it was greatly appreciated by all in attendance. Lunches were provided both days at beautiful, relaxing locations. They even set up tables, chairs and bike racks, it felt very classy. Dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning were nothing less than stellar. Everyone enjoyed the well thought out, extremely delicious meals.


Camping Saturday night was also fun after a day of exercise. Once arriving at the Olema Campground we were able to get our camping gear and set up. The reserved campground sites provided plenty of space to spread out and a beautiful setting to enjoy the great outdoors. As mentioned above dinner was delish and after dinner we appreciated the warm fire and delightful conversation. Bedtime came quickly and I know I was ready for a refreshing night of sleep.

Sunday morning we awoke to coffee and breakfast, SBO guides were up bright and early meeting our morning needs. After breakfast everyone broke down their tents, packed their gear, donned their super sexy biking clothes and gathered to hear about the days’ route options. Both routes for the day sounded amazing but again I chose the shorter route, this time because it went through the redwoods and I am a sucker for beautiful trees.

We travelled home winding through countrysides and towns, stopping for water and snack breaks and intel for the next segment. Lunch was very enjoyable as we lounged around in a grassy park with lots of shade. Though we did hit some impressive wind on the way back to home base it was still incredibly fun and actually added a little extra adventure to the event. We returned over the Golden Gate bridge and dropped down into the Sports Basement parking lot where our cars were securely parked. Once retrieving our gear we said our thank yous and goodbyes to guides and fellow riders. I know everyone left with a smile on their face, grateful for the opportunity to be a weekend warrior and an enjoyer of adventure.


Many thanks to the guides, the cooks, the drivers and designer of this amazing weekend journey. I truly look forward to spending another fitness based, yet relaxing weekend with fellow adventurers. I encourage everyone to try out this weekend experience, it really meets the needs of all riders, beginners to advanced. It is also very reasonably priced as Sports Basement offers these events as a service to the community to get out and try new things. 10 out of 10 for this outdoor weekend fun!