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When I think about the times that I have admittedly self sabotaged,the thing that comes to mind is that heart wrenching awful feeling of failure.  All the missed opportunities, injuries, losing the game… the job, even lost relationships and friendships.    We don’t often think about the days, weeks, months and years leading to the ultimate and awful ache in our stomach.    Even today, regardless of how old these failures might be, there is a slight sinking feeling at the thought of them.    If you’re like me, it creates an anxiety that makes that feeling seem unbearable and...

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Resting is hard which makes recovery next to impossible.  I am a workhorse. I always have been.  If I have 5 spare minutes- I’m fixing a broken handle, doing laundry, sending an email or umm… writing a blog. Ahem.   The same logic applies in the gym.  It only works for me to take 4 minute breaks between sets because I own the place. You’ll see me spotting another lifter, making coffee or cleaning up.  But how does my lack of rest or “time-off” affect my central nervous system, recovery and thus, even more importantly, my gains? Glad you didn’t ask....

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Prebiotics, probiotics and a rich diversity of micronutrients and minerals your body needs and can only absorb effectively with the entire forest working together to create your biome.

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Over the last 6 million years, you have evolved into this glorious creature designed to live in a tribe, walk long distances every day- scavenging, building and hunting with small bursts of energy expenditure throughout.  Maybe to flee, fight, climb, hunt or procreate. Always ready. Always stable enough inside and out to know the environment, dangers and how to handle them. 


Your ancestors evolved to create YOUR internal biome which has now created its very own little universe inside you. 

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