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Navigating is an incredibly simple task that at one point was as natural as using Siri. The ability to navigate terrain with a map and compass is a skill-set that’s become lost in the modern world. 

Have you gone for a hike recently? Grabbed a map and looked cluelessly at the terrain and trail system? Wonder how long your hike will be? 

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 What an amazing weekend adventure! SBO really has this whole weekend program nailed down from start to finish. We began the journey by collecting our gear and our cycling mindsets in the SF Presidio Sports Basement parking lot. Well organized reception, bike management and sign ins made it easy to get excited and recognize as a participant that you were in skilled hands. After introducing themselves the guides, 3 of which were riders and 2 drivers for SAG and gear, shared their experience and some smart cycling tips. Then off we rode, headed towards the Golden Gate bridge and a...

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Over the last 6 million years, you have evolved into this glorious creature designed to live in a tribe, walk long distances every day- scavenging, building and hunting with small bursts of energy expenditure throughout.  Maybe to flee, fight, climb, hunt or procreate. Always ready. Always stable enough inside and out to know the environment, dangers and how to handle them. 


Your ancestors evolved to create YOUR internal biome which has now created its very own little universe inside you. 

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Top 3 books I'm reading right now or recently finished and LOVED!:  Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey  "Life is not a popularity contest. Be brave, take the hill, but first, answer the question, 'What is my hill?'" I read this book AND listened to it. The audible is amazing because while I think I read it in his voice, hearing him giggle about his own stories was perfection. A man who I was already enthralled with, now I know why. His spirit shines through him as a man and actor and it's fun to know the backstory on the vibrancy we all see. I'm...

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Dive DEEPER into the work I'm "good" at, detach from my body, detach from my desires, Rinse, Repeat. 

It's literal warfare on your self. Think about it - historically how we would try to stress our opponents to the brink and then attack... 

Now think about how you stress yourself to the brink and then don't understand when life attacks and you can't handle it. It's no wonder. 

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